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There has been much interest in recent years in angels. While I am glad for this interest, I am also concerned that in focusing on angels we may miss much of what God has for us. We included a section on angels in our adult Bible study movie nights. Due to this interest, I decided a FAQ page might be helpful.

The angels in the photo gallery below are from various sources of angel art. The snow angel is my personal favorite and appears on several angel pages on the web. The other pieces are from and include the credit to the artist.

Can people become angels when they die?
No. God created angels as a part of Creation. They do not die. God does not create more. Angels are spiritual beings.

Are all angels good?
No. Angels were all created good, but Lucifer/Satan rejected God and led many angels in a rebellion. They were cast out of heaven. Importantly, they were not cast to hell. Rather they were cast to the earth. Both Paul and James write that evil angels, known as demons are able to disguise themselves to mislead people.

What is the role of angels? What is their job?
The word “angel” in both Hebrew and Greek means “messenger”, which is their primary purpose. God uses them to deliver messages from heaven. That is the reason they appear most often in the Bible. But it is not their only purpose. God sends them to protect people from time to time as well. Elisha the prophet, for instance, was protected by angels.

Is it OK to revere angels?
Well that depends on what one means. It is totally appropriate to honor them. But it is significant that at several places in the Bible, when people saw an angel they fell down at its feet in worship. In every case the angel stopped the person. Angels are messengers from God, fellow servants along with us of the One who created everything. They are spiritual, they are sinless, but they are not divine. They are to be honored, but not worshipped. As Jesus told Satan the leader of the evil angels, “It is written, ‘You shall worship God and serve only God.” We have the same job as angels, to point to Jesus, to glorify God.

Angel Photo Gallery

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