Rockdale Lutheran Church

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Rockdale has the dubious history of being born out of conflict.  At the end of the 19th century, a dispute arose throughout the Lutheran Church regarding the issue of predestination.  This was not a new dispute.  It had been carried on between Lutherans and Reformed since the 1500's.  The dispute essentially was to determine which is more controlling, God's love, or God's power.  This controversy hit the Lutheran Church in the United States in full force and the Church in Koshkonong was not exempt. 

As a result of the dispute raging through the congregation and between the pastors themselves, the church split, not in two, but in four.  Some of the families stayed put, some families opened a church across the street from the then Koshkonong building, others thought that the town of Rockdale was the place a church should be, and others moved to Cambridge to begin a church.  The original church building in Rockdale was a wood frame structure in the Norwegian tradition of the 19th century by the cemetery in Rockdale.



After the turn of the century, however, a fire raged through the building.  Responding quickly, the parishioners saved what they could of their precious worship space.  They recovered several treasured items, including:  the bell, the stained glass window, the altar and altar painting, altar rail, and baptismal font.

The corner stone was also carried to the new site where the present church building was constructed of block in 1916.

Although the strong Norwegian tradition remains, Rockdale's family atmosphere and open door has attracted those of many different traditions and all ages to membership in the congregation.  The Church at Rockdale has overcome its inauspicious beginning through its open door and welcoming congregation.  The motto of the congregation really says it all, "Welcome Home!"