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Warriors of God

As part of our Movie Night we have been studying knights and knighthood, watching and discussing such movies as DragonHeart, First Knight, and LadyHawke.  We also get together for Game Night to play interactive role playing games of knighthood on the Internet, either Realm or Asheron's Call.  We also took a trip together to the Bristol Renaissance Faire and had a great time.

The culmination of our study was a service during worship in which six of our youth were knighted in recognition of their participation and support of our youth program.

We have had four more knighting services, bringing our band to a total of thirteen.  We expect that there will be more rites of knighthood during worship in the future for our young people.

For more information on Knighthood, please feel free to check out Pastor Bob's personal site, SIR ROBERT'S CASTLE TOWER.

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