Rockdale Lutheran Church

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Sunday School

Our Sunday School year starts with Rally Day in September, following Labor Day.  The day serves as a welcome back after our busy summers.

Currently our Sunday School welcomes children as young as kindergarteners, and they stick around as students through 8th grade and confirmation.  Senior high youth are encouraged to participate as teachers or special helpers.

We are using a new curriculum that utilizes the readings from the Worship service each Sunday.  We feel this is an excellent way to establish the connection between worship time and Bible study.

We believe in using a variety of teaching techniques to enable children with a wide range of learning styles to learn and succeed.  Special emphasis is placed on hands-on crafts and drama.

Christmas Program

Every year the Sunday School students prepare and perform a new Christmas program.  Students of all ages have speaking parts as well as group songs and solos or duets.  It's a great way to get everyone into the true Spirit of Christmas!